25-27 October 2017 | ufaFabrik Berlin

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ECF Europe training day October 25th
ECF Europe main event October 26th-27th

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Depending on when you book, we can offer different prices and discounts.

Normal rate €360 | until end September
Late rate €430 | until bookings close

Included: attendance for both days of the eCampaigning Forum, coffee and snacks during the breaks, vegan/vegetarian lunch and dinner on both days. Prices include 20% VAT.

Take your colleague with you!
We can offer a 40% discount on the ticket price for every second person coming from the same organisation. So take your colleague along!
(Not possible for commercial participants though.)
Since ECF Europe offers a limited number of places and the event is heavily shaped by the participants, we review each application individually.

Nothing to worry about though.

We look at:
* your expertise and experience to contribute to the exchange of knowledge
* your involvement in e-campaigning or online fundraising initiatives
* the diversity that enriches all exchange of knowledge
* your openness to contribute during the event to help make it a success.
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We're the ECF Europe organising team. Meet Jess, Claire, Georg, Duane, Lorena and Florian.

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As a warm up, before two intense days of ECF Europe, we offer trainings on October 25th.
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ECF Europe takes place at ufaFabrik.

This is a sustainable oasis of culture in Berlin-Tempelhof in the south of Berlin. A tour around these huge premises will be part of the programme.
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Kick-start connections and conversations with trainers and ECF Europe participants.
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We'd love everybody to stay at the same place.

That's why we've reserved rooms at the ufaFabrik's very own guesthouse. They offer friendly and affordable accommodation, right next to the ECF venue.
We're managing the bookings at the ufaFabrik guesthouse for the nights from Oct. 25th – 27th.
Please let us know your preferences and we'll be in touch.

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