25-26 October 2018 | ufaFabrik Berlin

Great to see that you want to join us at eCampaigning Forum Europe!
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Depending on when you book, we can offer different prices and discounts.

Early bird rate €300 | until end June
Normal rate €400 | until end September
Late rate €500 | until bookings close

What's included:

* participation in the two day event
* breakfast, lunch, refreshments and snacks on both days
* evening meal on the 25th
* pre-event and dinner on Wednesday 24th (optional)

Prices exclude 20% VAT. All catering will be vegan.

Bring your colleagues!

We can offer a 25% discount on the ticket price for every second person coming from the same organisation. So bring your team along!
(NGO participants only.)

Since ECF Europe offers a limited number of places and the event is heavily shaped by the participants, we review each application individually.

Nothing to worry about though.

We look at:
* your expertise and experience to contribute to the exchange of knowledge
* your involvement in e-campaigning or online fundraising initiatives
* the diversity that enriches all exchange of knowledge
* your openness to contribute during the event to help make it a success.

If you're from a small organisation, or an individual campaigner, and would like to apply for a reduced fee, please fill in the form and we'll see what we can do.
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Meet Jess and Georg - we're the more onion team behind ECF Europe.

We're happy to answer any questions you might have.
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So, some practical things. ECF Europe takes place at UfaFabrik

Ufa is a sustainable oasis of culture in the Tempelhof district of Berlin. We'll include a tour of this fascinating and historic site as part of the programme.
Would you like us to send you info about suggested accommodation in Berlin? *

Any special dietary requirements or allergies we should know about?

There'll be delicious vegan/vegetarian food for all meals and snacks.
Would you like to join us for the pre-event dinner on October 24th at UfaFabrik?

The meal is ncluded in the participation fee - a great chance to kick start connections and conversations.
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We're looking forward to seeing you! Have a wonderful day!
Great to have you on board {{answer_SCUS1HM1tRqQ}}.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We're looking forward to seeing you! Have a wonderful day!